Money Matters

Lead Generation Program

This program is for Western World Annuity licensed agents only. You must be actively writing with and/or newly contracted with at least two Western World Annuity carriers. All business written as result of this program must be written with Western World Annuity. To see full terms and agreement click below.



1. Register. You will be asked contact information and areas you would like to offer your services. We will contact you via email for a current photo after registration.


2. Payment.  You will then be taken to a payment page where you will pay for setup cost which will include your first month of ads and marketing. If you ever want to increase your monthly ad spend, simply contact us for details. Every dollar over the monthly minimum will go straight to the ad spend account.


3. You will receive a welcome email from with login information and details on your MoneyMatters email and Facebook page. This step may take 24-72 hours. A “like” campaign will begin immediately. You’ll then receive an email with a copy of the ad(s) once they begin to run. When a lead or response is made, the system will notify you by text and email provided on the next page. You will have access to your MoneyMatters email to correspond with leads via email when necessary. The emails you receive will also have a link to your spreadsheet so that you can view your entire list of leads and their information.


NOTE: Again, if you have not yet appointed with Western World Annuity, do not continue until you have done so.

Any questions, feel free to call marketing at Western World Annuity 800-323-4032


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