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Western World Annuity Online Marketing System
Terms and Agreement


The following document is an agreement between Western World Annuity (hereinafter referred to as WWA) and you (hereinafter referred to as AGENT). The agreement pertains to WWA distributing leads and/or appointments, via the WWA online lead generation system(hereinafter referred to as LEAD SYSTEM), paid for by the AGENT to AGENT and AGENT selling WWA approved insurance products.


AGENT agrees to purchasing membership to the LEAD SYSTEM through the WWA provided website.


Setup (includes initial cost and first-month marketing expense): $998.00

Minimum Monthly(includes administrative costs and marketing): $698.00

Additional Ad Spend is allowed if the AGENT elects to pay more than the monthly minimum.


Administrative costs are paid directly to our online marketing partner, Premiere Lead Systems, WWA’s exclusive company administrating and offering the LEAD SYSTEM.


WWA does not profit from the monthly fees.


Dues to the nature of online marketing, AGENT agrees to 6 months before opting out of the LEAD SYSTEM for any reason.


Leads, responses, and appointments paid for by the AGENT under the LEAD SYSTEM are exclusive to the AGENT. While the AGENT remains “in good standing”, WWA agrees to never share or distribute client information to another agent without the explicit consent of the AGENT.


WWA does not guarantee the quality of any lead, response or appointment provided or distributed to AGENT.


The AGENT has read and approved the solicitation material and agrees that the services offered to the client are services the AGENT will provide.


AGENT will sell only WWA approved products. If AGENT is found to have offered or sell products not under the WWA channel, AGENT will be removed from the LEAD SYSTEM and all current and future leads will be recovered by WWA.


The AGENT must maintain an “in good standing” with WWA. If AGENT incurs a debt that is not repaid within 30 days the AGENT will be removed from the LEAD SYSTEM and all current and future leads will be recovered by WWA until the debt is resolved and AGENT is back in “good standing”

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